Sunday, January 4, 2009


Lucas Roe- Has been born on the other side of the tracks. Lucas Roe also tries to do everything to provide for him and his mother. Growing up through Season 1, Lucas was 15 and was very unpopular at the time. In Seasons 2-4, Lucas started basketball and brought some competition. In Seasons 5-8, Lucas is starting his basketball dreams, but due to an accident Lucas had given up basketball, and became a junior writter for a club in the University. Lucas also is deciding wheter to stay in the University or go to a school where young aurthor's come to express their
true writting abilities. Lucas Roe is currently on his way to the Aurthor's Institution. He also is currently dating Peyton.

Brooke Davis- Has been born into a rich family. Brooke Davis lives on her own most of the time, due to her mother trying to launch a clothing line and her father always working. Brooke has never been full of it. Growing up through Season 1, Brooke was 15 and a naive little girl. In Seasons 2-4, Brooke stepped up her game getting rid of her sluttly image in Season 2. Brooke is going to college and is learning how to own her very own clothing line "Clothers Over Bro's". Brooke is currently working on her clothing line. She is now dating Nathan.

Peyton Sawyer- Has been born into a middle class family. Peyton has been in situations no young girl should have to go through. Growing up through Season 1, Peyton was 15 and was always helping Brooke get out of situations. Peyton even was attacked by a stalker and Brooke helped her get out of that situation. In Seasons 2-4, Peyton had difficulties, due to her mothers death. Peyton will not be attending college, due to her wanting to become a music producer. Peyton is currently working with Haley. Peyton is currently dating Lucas.

Nathan Scott- Has been born into one of the richiest families in Henderson. Nathan has given up countless relationships with friends, family, and love interests, for basketball. Growing up through Season 1, Nathan was a very full of it person. He never was nice, he even called Brooke a slut for trying to break him and Peyton up. In Seasons 2-4, Nathan had a better attitude than what he had through the previous artications. Nathan has given up college, so he can launch his basketball dreams. He is now dating Brooke.

Haley James- Has been born into a middle class family. Haley is the only one who has been through decisions of giving up a career. Growing up trough Season 1, Haley was facing various challenges in her life. In Seasons 2-4, Haley had become a cheerleader to help Peyton. Haley is attending college although, she loves her music, she is deciding to put college first. Haley is currently working in the singing business. She is also dating Felix.

Rachel Gatina- Has been born into a rich family, due to her and Haley's father that gave Rachel the better life. Growing up through Season 1, Rachel has made various decisions that alter with her life today. In Season 2-4, Rachel, with the help of Haley, she was able to get her life back together. Rachel was attending college, until a accident got her kicked out of the University. Rachel is currently teaching at Henderson High. She is not dating anyone for now, but has a little thing with Chase.

Felix He`rnandez- Has been born into a rich family as well, but he stays with his grandmother to help her through times. Growing up through Season 1, Felix was basically a jerk. In Seasons 2-4, he didn't change his ways until he saw Haley in Season 3 and started dating her through College. Felix is attending the University, but has been kicked off of the soccer team, because the coach found out he was taking steroids to improve his game. Felix is currently ating Haley.

Kimberly Dawson-Scott- Kim was introduced in season 10, after the college years basically, she is the half-sister of Nathan, because they both learn this when she shows up looking for him, but she never got the better end of Dan's loving only one child deal. She and Nathan have grown as brother and sister, and she can't wait to be a aunt, when Brooke says that she will be having a baby

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